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Tricia Jonson was reared in rural Preble County, Ohio and has a younger brother and sister. She was fortunate to have believing parents who exposed her to the gospel while she was young. She gave her heart to Christ, surrendering to His call, when she was only nine years old. Her mother encouraged her to sing and they often sang together in church. She met Brian, her husband, while in high school. They dated off and on until Brian finally recognized that they should be married! They were married in the spring of 1991.

Three years ago if you had told Tricia that she would record an album of original songs she would have laughed in disbelief. This project has surprised her more than anyone else. Although music has been a part of her life since her earliest years, she had never attempted to write lyrics or music prior to 2005. Tricia has been singing other artist's soundtracks at various churches and special conferences/events for many years. She and her husband, Brian, traveled to Europe and all over North America in 1992, directing a contemporary Christian music group called The Continentals. They started a family in 1996 and accepted the abrupt shift in priorities. Tricia found much joy and satisfaction in local church music ministry and was happy to stay put! Today, Tricia is a stay-at-home mother of Noah, 10, Nathan, 7 and Natalie, 4. In early 2005 Brian and Tricia were given a piano by Brian's mother. In a few weeks, Tricia was figuring out how to play. Within a few more, the songs began flowing.

2005 was a turning point spiritually as well. We are in the days of "itching ears" and nearly limitless frivolity in the evangelical church in America. There is a lack of basic discernment that is staggering as more and more churches plunge headlong into pragmatic programs and man-centered philosophies that have little foundation in God's Word. Tricia and Brian left a large church in 2005 because of this trend. After spending about three years at a strong, Bible-centered church in Springboro, they answered a call to help start a church in Liberty Township, OH, a few minutes from where they live. Providence Bible Fellowship is a God-centered, Bible-saturated body of believers and is refreshing in its dissimilarity with faddish trends. We hope you take some time to visit the Providence website and listen to some of the sermons online there. It will be a great encouragement to you.

Race of Faith describes all of us who believe in Christ. Our journey toward sanctification is described as a race, not a leisurely walk. We must lay aside the sins that easily entangle us and keep our eyes fixed on the goal – the Lord Jesus Christ. Tricia hopes these songs will encourage you in your running. Be encouraged! We have the promise of eternal life in Christ and He will complete that work which He has begun in His children.